Access Control Systems

Access Control Pty Ltd design, install and service access systems.

We have experience with systems that include a single front door to systems that include over 400 x  access doors , 300 x  cctv cameras and several thousand alarm points.  

Access Control Pty Ltd are authorised resellers of Siemens and Pacom Security Systems. This gives our company access to the equipment , engineering and service support from the supplier. With this support Access Control Pty Ltd have been able to give a personal level of service to our customers.  

Access Control Pty Ltd have designed , installed and service access control systems that incorporate closed circuit tv , alarm handling , radio frequency idenfication tags , and building lighting control. This provides us with the experience to offer our customers a long term plan with their security system investment.  

Siemens Security Products.
Pacom Security Products.   

Access Control Pty Ltd always strive to give our customers a quality installation and excellent service.




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